6 x 3m

Party on with a 6x3 Party Tent

Step up your party game with a 6x3 party tent from Party Tent Online, giving you an impressive event set up in your own back garden.

Amaze your guests with a bright and colourful party tent that offers the perfect shelter from unbearable heat and unexpected drizzle. The hub of your party, you can use your 6x3 tent as a dining area, a place for your buffet, a chill out zone, whatever you need!

After all, the 6x3 is a very flexible outdoor space that can be used for lots of different occasions such as weddings, baby showers, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, and so much more. You’ll find setting up an absolute breeze which means that you get to spend less time doing the boring stuff and get right on down to having a great time.

Look after Your Guests!

It always pays to plan ahead when you’re hosting a special event, especially if you’re having lots of guests round and don’t have space in your home to accommodate everyone should the weather turn. Having a 6x3 party tent gives you a generous amount of covered area for you and your guests, ensuring that you can keep the party going for longer regardless of unpredictable weather.

Our tent range is manufactured from 120g PU-coated waterproof polyester fabric with thoughtful features such as anti-puddling eyelets, WindBar® technology, and taped sealed seams for peace of mind protection and stability.

This is why you can be confident that Party Tent Online is the right choice for you. Oh, and don’t forget to take your party tent down at the end of the day; leaving it up overnight could result in damage caused by turbulent weather such as strong winds and heavy rain. Look after your party tent and it will look after you!